Hi, this is DirtyAngie. I just love the way women dressed in the fifties and sixties.   Especially their sexy underwear.  I think you will enjoy looking up my skirt and peeking at my sexy panties and stocking tops. I love lifting my skirt to give you a good view from the front and the back before I strip to my sexy panties and stockings. I get so horny being looked at, showing off my body and being sexy for you. Being dirty in panties always makes me horny. Kisses, DirtyAngie


Me and my new friend Alex
I want to introduce you to my new friend Alex. She is so pretty and so sexy and loves to wear sexy underwear. We are sitting on the couch in way too short skirts and our stocking tops and suspender straps are showing. Alex is casually dangling her high heel shoe from her stocking foot and you can see up our skirts and peek at our panties. The cheeky girl reaches over and begins to play with my garter belt. I ask her if she wants to see more and before you know it, I am dancing for her as she touches herself through her panties. I let her look under my skirt with my legs spread and she can see my big panties. I hike up my short skirt to give her a panty show in my full cut, very sheer briefs. You can see m y garter belt and pussy quite clearly through the white nylon. I bend over to show off my pantied bottom. I spread my legs to show off my panty crotch and I know Alex is getting very horny now. She gropes my ass and play s with my sheer panties. I strip out of my pink sweater and show off my bra, then slowly unzip my skirt. I pose in my sexy gear for her. Her legs are spread and she is just so inviting. I bury my face between her legs and lick her panties which I am pleased to see are big briefs as well with a bright yellow wide garter belt. I sit back in my underwear, touching myself inside my big panties as she slowly lifts her skirt and teases me. She stands over me so I can look under her skirt and that always makes me so damn horny. She strips slowly out of her top to show off her yellow bra and pull out her tits. Oh my god, she is so beautiful and so horny. She b egins to unbutton her denim skirt until I can see the waistband and top of her panties and garter belt. Oh I do so hope I will get to see more.
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The Nurse and the Secretary Chapter 2
From chapter 1.....Lucky Dick Rockhard gets to watch a Sexy nurse and a Sexy Secretary dance and strip for him.  He gets to see our pantylines and all our underwear as Alex and I lift our skirts and show off for him......We know the effect we are having and I really do want to feel his cock....that might just have to wait....we can't let him have everything all at once.  He needs a little more teasing.
We continue to tease Dick, band it is having the desired effect.  Alex and I are stripped down to our girdles and garter belts and Dick is Rockhard.  We both take his cock in our mouths and suck him with great delight.  We suck him and jerk him off until he cums on our faces and mouths....lucky guy.

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Blindfolded Groped and Fucked
I am blindfolded with my stockinged legs spread and that rat Henry Hardon and his friend are groping me and making me suck their dicks.  But it gets worse.  After gagging me with their cocks, Henry wants more.  He gets me on my knees in my girdle and gives me an oil enema then fucks me in the ass.  That just makes him even hornier....me too if you want to know a little secret.  He pulls his dick out of my ass then makes me suck him again.  But wait...there's more.  Henry  pushes a speculum into my mouth, pries it open and jerks off and cums in the speculum until it drips into my throat.  Damn you Henry Hardon.

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Raunchy Broads Raised Skirt Retro Sluts
Busty Abigail Fraser and sexy DirtyAngie are dancing in their business attire...tight pencil skirts and stockings. They grope, kiss and lift their skirts for your private enjoyment. Abi is wearing the sexiest red panties over her red wide garter belt and a push up bra showing off her enormous cleavage. Angie’s skirt is so tight you can see her garter straps and her panties. The camera lingers on her skirt as she sways to the sultry music so you get a good view of the outlines of her underwear. Both girls lift their skirts and dance in their stockings, heels and panties. You come in very close to their sexy shoes and are treated to an extreme nylon toe and heel close up view that slowly moves up a stockinged leg, wrinkles and all. There are so many great low angle views of sexy panties wrinkling and stretching as these two hot broads dance for you. They strip out of their bras and toss them over, try and catch them if you can. There is nothing sexier than watching a girl unzip her skirt from behind and reveal a sexy suspender belt or the close up view of a bra under her arm and the clasp on the back strap. In this video you will see it all. Upskirt, under skirt, raised skirt, panty close ups, low angles, stretched panties, real nylons up close and two very sexy girls who just love to show off what they have under their skirts.

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